Oral Hygiene for Kids

Teeth can remain healthy for a lifetime if you properly care for them – and the best time is as soon as they begin to develop. By establishing good dental hygiene routines for your kids from the start, you’ll provide them with the best means of maintaining healthy teeth forever. Contact Us Now Book Appointment …

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Studies have indicated that the use of an appropriate mouth rinse coupled with regular brushing and flossing is a simple and effective way for you to enhance your oral health. As a regular process of oral hygiene, mouth rinses (otherwise known as mouthwashes) are effective for discarding plaque, controlling bad breath, and preventing tooth decay …

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Educational Videos for Dental Care

Take a few minutes to watch our educational videos to learn more about available dental procedures and treatments. Video topics include all of the following:  General and cosmetic dentistry Implants Oral health and hygiene Orthodontics  Preventative dentistry Contact Us Now Book Appointment Share Videos: Family (General) Dentistry Professional Teeth Cleanings Crowns & Bridgework Dental Crowns …

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Emergency Dentist in Elkin, NC

Whether it occurs as a result of a sudden accident or chronic illness, dental emergencies require immediate attention. Before you find yourself in a dental emergency situation, familiarize yourself with the best protocols to ensure the least amount of damage. What Constitutes a Traumatic Dental Injury? Knocked-out permanent teeth require quick thinking and immediate action. …

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