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Your smile is a big part of your physical appearance. A healthy smile boosts your self-confidence, makes you look youthful and refreshed, and impacts your relationships.

Choosing to priotize your smile is a step toward healthier teeth and gums. A smile makeover doesn’t just improve your smile’s outward appearance, but it also affects the functionality.

At ManiDental Family Practice, your oral health is our utmost concern. We take pride in putting the patient first and provide customized dental care in Elkin, NC. Our high-quality services, technologies, and products allow us to truly change our patients’ lives.

Transforming lives one smile at a time

Take control of your oral health and learn how you can enhance your smile this year! Browse through our smile gallery below to see the smile transformations that are possible. Book an appointment with our professional team today!




This is one of our patients in need of a front tooth. She wanted a restoration that was strong, durable, and stable, so we gave her a dental implant. This restored the missing tooth and made it look, fit, feel, and function like a natural tooth.



This patient came in and was unhappy with a small chip in her front tooth. Not only were we able to fix her chipped tooth but we were able to match her brilliantly white color to her satisfaction



Smile transformations are also about improving oral health. Here, we treated decay and damage to the enamel to improve the appearance and health of the front teeth.
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