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What Is a Root Canal?

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A root canal is a specialized procedure that treats damage to the soft pulp found within the core of your teeth. Root canals are mistakenly considered a painful form of dental care. Fortunately, root canals are not usually more painful than a simple filling and effectively remove long-standing pain and discomfort. 

Root canal therapy opens the tooth to generate access to dental pulp and the many canals found within the dentin of teeth. The procedure removes the pulp and other materials to eliminate infection and fills the empty spaces with a safe resin. The tooth is then sealed and capped to prevent further issues from arising. 

The Benefits of Root Canal Procedures

Like most dental services, root canals are designed to eliminate pain and protect teeth from extensive damage. In general dentistry, oral health relies heavily on a balanced oral microbiome. Infections to the teeth, whether from dental caries, gum disease, or inflamed pulp, upset this delicate balance and lead to damage and illness. 

Root canals can help reduce inflammation in the mouth and relieve significant levels of pain. They can also lessen the risk of tooth loss. If you are in need of a root canal in Elkin, NC, schedule an appointment with our office today.

elkin, NC root canals

Signs of Pulp Damage

elkin, NC root canals

The most common sign of damage to the pulp is pain and discomfort. When pulp is infected or inflamed, it can create shooting pains and bite problems. Redness and swelling in the gums around the affected tooth may also be observed. Pain can eventually dull, but this usually signals the presence of nerve damage rather than resolution of the issue

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