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Whether it occurs as a result of a sudden accident or chronic illness, dental emergencies require immediate attention. Before you find yourself in a dental emergency situation, familiarize yourself with the best protocols to ensure the least amount of damage.

What Constitutes a Traumatic Dental Injury?

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Knocked-out permanent teeth require quick thinking and immediate action. Teeth can be saved if they are handled properly, cleaned, and put back in the socket correctly. Pressing the tooth into the socket using dental pressure on the way to an emergency dentist in Elkin, NC is the best course of action. If the tooth cannot be cleaned and replaced immediately, tuck it between the cheek and gum or transport it in cold milk

Teeth that have shifted or loosened require intervention within 6 hours. These concerns accompanied by bleeding necessitate an ER visit. Chipped teeth and other minor dental injuries can be attended to within a matter of days. Pieces of teeth should be picked up and brought to the appointment for assessment and repair.

Pain in the Teeth and Gums

tooth and gum pain in elkin, NC

Persistent or sharp tooth pain is always an indicator of an issue. Tooth decay is the most common source of tooth pain. Left untreated, decay can destroy the tooth and even leach into the gums. Fillings and root canals are typically enough to relieve tooth pain. 

Loose fillings and damaged enamel can also cause pain and discomfort. A dentist can more effectively identify the root of tooth pain and suggest an appropriate course of action and the best dental care treatment to follow. 

Emergencies Relating to the Gums

Soft tissue injury and infection are also common causes for emergency dental visits. Gum tissue, the tongue, and the lining of the cheek can all be damaged via falls, sports injuries, bites, and excessive heat. Foreign objects can also become lodged beneath the gums and cause a sore, disease, or an abscess to develop. All of these issues may require emergency dental services

Soft tissue damage should be rinsed with salt water and cleared of debris. To stem bleeding, press a clean, damp cloth to the wound site. If bleeding persists, visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic treatment can be expected to come along with plenty of discomfort and even a little bit of pain. There are only a handful of orthodontic issues that constitute a true emergency. Trauma or injury to the teeth, face, or mouth are all considered legitimate emergencies. Infection and swelling of any of the soft tissues are also indicators of the need for emergency intervention. 

Should you find yourself or a dependent in any of the situations above, seek immediate dental care from a dental office or emergency room. If you have pieces of orthodontic hardware that are loose, broken, or irritating to the oral cavity, call your orthodontist for advice on how the oral health issue should be handled.

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