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The dental implant is the most recent tooth replacement method. It consists of a very small titanium metal post (the actual implant) attached to a dental crown. The crown is the only visible part of the tooth-replacement system in your mouth to ensure the replacement tooth fits the rest of your natural teeth. The implant itself lies beneath your gum line embedded in the bony socket that holds your missing tooth.  

Multiple dental crowns can be held with two or more implants or the entire upper or lower replacement teeth section. If you need to replace missing teeth or all your teeth, dental implants in Elkin, NC is the best choice.

Implants are the most like natural teeth

Your natural teeth possess roots that help secure them firmly to your jaw bone. Like natural teeth, implants fasten themselves solidly with the bone in your jaw. This possibility arises because dental implants are created with a titanium metal post that uniquely fuses with living bone. 

Once the implant process is completed in our dental office in Elkin, NC, it will securely connect to your bone in a few months. After that, your implanted artificial tooth feels wholly natural and takes a similar visual appearance as your natural teeth. Implant teeth enable you to perform basic oral activities such as eating, speaking, and smiling with total confidence because they stay fitted, unlike removable dentures.

dental implants prevent bone loss

Long-lasting tooth replacements

permanent dentures in Elkin, NC

Since dental implants become a part of your jaw bone, they serve as a lasting solution to tooth loss. When perfectly cared for, teeth implants last a lifetime, unlike other methods of tooth replacement such as bridgework and removable dentures that need replacement or constant dental care over time. That’s what makes dental implants the best choice of tooth replacement for long-term value.

Teeth implants prevent bone loss

Do you know that bone loss in the mouth occurs due to tooth loss? Bone, a living tissue, requires frequent stimulation to build up itself and stay healthy. As for your jaw bone, the stimulation is provided by the teeth. 

When you lose a tooth, the one underneath it begins to sink in or melt away. If left untreated, the condition can make your face look prematurely aged and expose your jaw to more untreated. Bone grafting is done to rebuild the resorbing bone. 


However, dental implants halt this condition by fusing the jawbone, giving it a perfect balance. The advantages provided by dental implants cannot be derived from other tooth-replacement methods.


prevent bone loss with dental implants in Elkin, NC

Implants are safe for adjacent natural teeth

Dental Implants in Elkin NC are Safe For Adjacent Natural Teeth

Dental implants do not affect the health of adjacent natural teeth; some tooth replacement procedures, however, can wear out adjacent teeth. 

For example, a partial denture depends on adjacent natural teeth for firmness which can affect the teeth by causing them to loosen later on. Likewise, bridgework requires the support of the natural teeth on both sides of the gap created by a missing tooth for the dental bridge. This adds further stress to the adjacent teeth leaving them prone to decay. 

Dental implants don’t need support from adjacent natural teeth. They are stand-alone teeth replacements.  

Low maintenance tooth replacement

Taking care of an implant tooth is the same as engaging in basic oral hygiene for your natural teeth, such as daily brushing and flossing. Implants don’t need special creams and adhesives or are submerged in a glass overnight as done with dentures and fillings or root canal as with bridgework. While implants can’t decay due to their form, periodontal diseases can compromise them. 

Good oral hygiene and an occasional visit to the dentist for professional dental cleanings and oral exams are essential to prevent gum diseases. They enable dental implants to remain durable for a more extended time

Dental Implants in Elkin, NC.

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