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What a difference straight teeth can make! A straight, strong smile can boost your confidence and positively impact your life. Orthodontic treatment is the original beautiful smile makeover technique and is available for people young and old. 

Orthodontics are frequently considered purely cosmetic, but properly aligned teeth can help you bite, chew, and speak more effectively. Aligned teeth are also easier to clean, improving oral health overall. 

ManiDental offers orthodontics in Elkin, NC, as a unique approach to dental care: it utilizes the body’s ability to remodel its own tissue. Orthodontic appliances are used to reshape the jaw and move teeth into optimal positions using light, consistent pressure. Traditional metal braces, Invisalign, and clear braces are all options for orthodontic treatment.

orthodontics in elkin, NC

Bite Problems and How to Fix Them

Orthodontic treatment may be used to resolve numerous bite issues. Typically, issues present around the age of 7 but can present earlier or later. Common concerns include underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, and crowding or excessive spacing. All of these issues can be addressed by orthodontia. 

Teeth must shift to successfully treat bite problems. Using orthodontic appliances, teeth can be moved in their position in the bone. Placing tension on the periodontal ligament allows teeth to move safely within the jaw bone. This is most frequently accomplished using traditional metal braces or Invisalign and other clear plastic aligners. 

Orthodontics: For Children and Adults

Childhood orthodontic treatment is ideal because children’s growth patterns can help teeth move into proper alignment more effectively. In childhood, the teeth and jaws change rapidly. This makes it far easier to use a palatal expander to widen the jaw. These types of treatment can shorten overall treatment time and improve results

All ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Adults have not missed their window for orthodontic treatment. Advancements in dental technology have made orthodontic appliances less evident and enhanced the experiences of adult orthodontic patients. 

An additional step usually precedes orthodontic treatment in adults: gum disease evaluation and treatment.

elkin, NC orthodontic treatment

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

The term “braces” usually brings to mind the image of large metal brackets and wires. Traditional wire braces are still used, but there are additional treatment options available. 

Clear braces use wires and plastic or ceramic brackets. Lingual braces use wires bonded to the back of teeth. Removable aligners are plastic trays that shift teeth gradually. 

Each type of orthodontic appliance has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your dental team will be able to provide the best recommendations for your unique situation.

Retention & Post Orthodontic Care

Following treatment, it is essential to wear retainers as directed. Teeth will drift back to their original locations following treatment. Thus, they rely on retainers to maintain the new shape and support appropriate bone and ligament growth. 

If you need orthodontics in Elkin, NC, schedule an appointment with our office today!

orthodontic treatment in Elkin, NC

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Proper teeth alignment is the basis of “Smile Design.” Tooth position dictates how teeth work and look. Orthodontic treatment shifts teeth into the right position.

Healthy teeth can shift at any age. No age is too advanced to benefit from orthodontic care. With as much as 20% of orthodontic patients well into adulthood, braces are valuable for all age groups.

Teenagers often see traditional braces as restrictive and confining. Clear aligners can help teenagers feel more comfortable undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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