Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire At The End Of 2021

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Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire At The End Of 2021
Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire In 2021

Your dental insurance plans consider a specific dollar amount of dental coverage to be provided every year. When you don’t utilize the maximum dental benefits covered during the year, you risk losing them, and that’s because the unused health benefits don’t roll over to the following year. Although an insurance policy doesn’t always stipulate the type of treatment, careful planning with your dentist can help maximize your dental benefits individually or family-wise.

What It Means When Your Dental Benefit Expires

Dental benefits are meant to save you some out-of-pocket expenses on dental services and provide you coverage on some treatments in a year. However, when they expire, usually at the end of a given year, you risk losing out on some potentially life-changing treatments.

Also, dental benefits arise from the premium paid by purchasing a dental insurance plan either individually or through your employer. At the same time, some may participate in a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account to reduce the amount paid on dental care. When these benefits are left unused, every dollar will go down the drain.

Dental insurance is a vital tool for your oral health when you take advantage of the benefits it presents. More reasons why you shouldn’t wait till the clock’s out before using them. If you have any unused benefits, you’ll be missing out on a whole lot of preventive care when they expire. 

Why You Should Make The Most of Your Dental Benefits


One of the intrinsic parts of dental insurance is knowing your yearly maximums. The maximum is the aggregate amount of dental benefits covered by your health insurance plan in a year. Generally, the average is  $1000 per person, and as always with insurance, there’s a limit to what dental services you can receive with the money.

If you don’t utilize the maximum amount available to you as part of your dental coverage, you will lose the benefits when they expire at the end of the year.


A deductible is the first dollar amount you are required to pay for health care before your insurance company starts to pay for it. The amount differs from one dental plan to another and is reset at the beginning of each year.

The insurance deductible could be on individual dental or family dental, depending on your plan. Most patients pay their deductible but fail to take advantage of the dental benefits. Invariably, this money is lost; funnily enough, you will have to pay a new deductible next year. So ensure you utilize every ounce of your dental benefits.

Covered Treatment

One confounding question patients ask about dental insurance is what treatments are covered and how each treatment is covered. In some cases, dental health insurance covers preventive care at 100% and a percentage of extra dentistry services, such as restorative dentistry.

Using your dental benefits helps you know what part of your dental treatments are covered and ensures you get the maximum dental care off these benefits.

Prevention Is essential

When it comes to your dental health, the famous saying that prevention is the best medicine is applicable. A preferable way to use your dental benefits is to visit your dentist regularly for preventive care. Avoid the waiting periods and have a significant teeth issue before going to the dentist.

Waiting could be dangerous as many dental problems can sneak up on you with no symptoms until they become severe and endanger your overall health. It can lead to more costly procedures to get them treated.

Book An Appointment With ManiDental Family Practice 

To make efficient use of your family dental benefits before the year ends, book an appointment with us at ManiDental Family Practice. Let’s give you and your loved ones a healthy and hearty smile this season. If you need to make inquiries on your dental coverage and remaining benefits, contact us, and let’s guide you to healthy dental care.

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