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5 Reasons to Go To Your Annual Teeth Cleaning
5 Reasons to Go To Your Annual Teeth Cleaning

The Basics of Teeth Cleaning

As difficult as it may seem to stay on top of oral hygiene, visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Regular dental checkups can prevent a host of gum diseases and other health issues. While it is vital to be consistent in brushing your teeth and gums, there is no substitute for going and getting a nice, professionally clean smile. Check your schedule and make sure there is room for consistent dental cleaning appointments. 

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Take?

You can expect a teeth cleaning to take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Things that can contribute to an increase in time include the number of patients being seen at once and how much time is allotted to each person. Some patients have more severe cases, such as being in the early stages of tooth decay or oral cancer, and treatment options must be discussed in greater detail. 

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

While there can be large differences in the price of a professional dental cleaning, from $75 all the way to $400, a typical cleaning averages around $120. Geographical location and the dentist performing the procedure are the most significant factors that influence pricing. A well-established dentist in California or New York will be much pricier than a newly graduated dentist in rural areas such as North Carolina. 

5 Reasons to Attend Your Annual Cleaning

Sitting on the fence about attending to your dental health annually can have surprisingly disastrous consequences. Your oral health should not go by the wayside. Here are five compelling reasons to do more than simply brush and floss your teeth each day and avoid dental appointments.

A More Thorough Clean

A dentist or dental hygienist does not just brush your teeth with a fancier tool than a toothbrush; they check your teeth and gums for signs of disease. After evaluating your oral health, a scaler is used to scrape off any errant plaque or tartar before polishing the enamel of your teeth with a tooth polisher. Following this very thorough cleaning, flossing is performed.

Preventative Care

While much of your preventative care lies with you and your consistency in brushing and flossing, it is usually recommended that you schedule an oral exam every 6-12 months (or more). This will allow your dentist to find early symptoms of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer and will give them time to spot any cosmetic issues that could be undesirable before they become difficult to treat. 

Increasing Treatment Timelines

When you visit your dentist regularly, you can rest assured that your treatment timeline is narrower than if you waited until a serious concern is causing issues. A spot on the tooth, for instance, requires far more than teeth whitening: it may require a filling or a closer look at the health of the tooth. Annual or bi-annual dentist appointments can mean the difference between a simple filling and an extraction and subsequent dental implant

Improved Overall Health

Your mouth shares a significant relationship with the rest of your body. When the health of one improves, the health of the other follows suit. This can happen in surprising ways. Anyone who has ever had a toothache can attest to the debilitating effect that pain has. It can affect your sleep, which is one of the most important predictors of good health. Healthy teeth ensure proper mastication of food, which leads to proper digestion, which is the building block of overall health

A Brighter Smile

Consistent dental visits ensure that you do not have a steady buildup of plaque and tartar. When teeth are cleaned professionally, they boast a much brighter sheen. Over time, that could result in a whiter, more aesthetically pleasing grin. 

Teeth Cleanings in Elkin, NC

ManiDental Family Practice offers teeth cleanings in Elkin, NC. Our staff members deeply value dental health and maintenance. Schedule your appointment today! 

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