Tips for Flossing Your Teeth from Your Elkin Dentist

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Tips for Flossing Your Teeth from Your Elkin Dentist
Tips for Flossing Your Teeth From Your Elkin Dentist

We all know you need to brush your teeth regularly to maintain good oral health. However, there is more to oral care than just brushing regularly. You need to practice other oral activities to maintain good oral hygiene. One of these oral activities is flossing.

Flossing is very effective when it comes to cleaning tight spaces between your teeth and gums. It helps maintain perfect dental hygiene and prevents gum disease. Flossing requires the use of dental floss to clean the teeth.

Dental floss is a cord made of thin filaments. It is used in removing food particles and plaque from difficult places in the teeth. Tooth floss is needed for your personal care as it will help you reach places your toothbrush cannot clean.

Here, you will find effective and practical tips on dental flossing from our Elkin dentist. You will also learn how to properly floss your teeth for improved oral health.

Types of Dental Floss

There are different types of floss you can use for your daily flossing activities. Here are some common types of floss.

  • Waxed dental floss: This type of floss is one of the best. It uses wax to increase its strength and durability while ensuring effortless gliding operations.
  • Unwaxed dental floss: This is another type of floss that allows easy maneuvering and cleaning between teeth. It does not include wax so it breaks faster.
  • Floss picks: These are quick go-to floss options. They are made of plastic with short floss. They are easy-to-use, and you can carry them around with you.
  • Dental tape: This type of floss is suitable for people with braces, bridges, or a large gap between the teeth. It is broader and flatter than regular floss.
  • Water flosser: This type of floss is becoming more popular. The water flosser uses water at high pressure to clean between teeth. It is a good option for many patients.

When Should I Floss?

You should floss your teeth once a day. No rule states the exact time of the day to floss, so you can either do it in the morning or at night. Many people choose to do it at night to remove food particles that have accumulated during the day.

You also should floss before brushing. It ensures more effective cleaning practices. You will find flossing effective as it is one of the numerous oral habits you should develop.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Floss Your Teeth

Here are simple steps to follow when flossing your teeth.

  1. Break off about 18 inches of floss.
  2. Wind each end of the floss 2 to 3 times around your middle fingers (you might not need this when using a floss threader).
  3. Hold the floss between your thumb and your index finger.
  4. Guide and maneuver the floss between your teeth while rubbing. Be careful not to hurt your gum with the floss.
  5. Once the floss reaches your gum, gently curve it into a C shape against your tooth.
  6. Rub the floss against your tooth and move it up and down while keeping it away from your gum.
  7. Do this for the other teeth until you are done.
  8. If the floss is covered in plaque, dispose of it and pick a new one as it will not clean effectively.

Get Oral Health Care in Elkin, NC

You need to maintain and cultivate good oral habits. You can visit your Elkin dentist to get effective oral health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You can also learn about teeth cleaning and how to go about it.

 At ManiDental Family Practice, we offer the Waterpik Water Flosser to help you clean all the nooks and crannies of your mouth. It is available in black or white. Visit us for the best flossing tips and oral health care in Elkin, NC. Contact us to book an appointment for our dental services.

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