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Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC
Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC

Elkin, NC is a small town, known for its beautiful scenery and small-town charm. Our family dental office, ManiDental Family Practice, is located in Elkin, and we love our beautiful town and the community we have found here. We wanted to take some time to encourage you to visit all of the wonderful attractions Elkin has to offer. 

Welcome to Elkin!

Things to Imbibe

A town’s watering holes usually yield the most interesting characters, and Elkin is no different. Elkin is home to several wineries and microbreweries that offer unique takes on old classics. 

Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC

Wineries in Elkin, NC

Elkin is home to the Slightly Askew Winery. As its name suggests, this particular winery deviates from standard winery fare by providing visitors with wines created from local fruit juices. 

Elkin is also home to Elkin Creek Winery, which was built from the framework of an old mill built in the late 1800s. Elkin Creek offers a retreat for people in search of peace and a splash of delicious wine

Adagio Vineyard is found in Elkin as well, and was named to fuse the owners’ love of wine and classical music. Adagio offers tours for guests interested in winemaking, and invites guests to enjoy learning more about the process of crafting violins. 

Carolina Heritage has made a name for itself in Elkin as the only USDA-certified organic winery in the area. Run by a husband-and-wife team, Carolina Heritage is the winery for you if your wine-tasting endeavors require organic origins. 

The final winery in our list is Shelton Vineyards. Shelton Vineyards is known for its superlative Riesling, and is unique among wineries in the area for its gravity flow system, which greatly reduces the possibility of contamination during production. With a gift shop, dining area, and one of the largest spaces dedicated to wine-making on the East Coast, Shelton Vineyards is certainly worth a visit.

Microbreweries in Elkin, NC

Elkin is home to two microbreweries: Angry Troll and Skull Camp. Angry Troll is both a microbrewery and a pizza house, and offers superb local craft beer in addition to wood-fired pizza. Angry Troll is housed in a historic warehouse in downtown Elkin. 

Skull Camp Brewing fuses a love of beer and wine, and meshes the two to create an experience tailored to dabble in the “fun” aspects of winemaking and brewing. Visitors can sample wine and beer while enjoying rich southern favorites, like house-smoked meats. 

Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC

Fun for Families

Families visiting the Elkin area will find plenty of activities to enjoy as a family, ranging from simple parks to antique shopping. 

Elkin Municipal Park

The Elkin Municipal Park is far more than a city park. Situated on 25 acres of beautiful land, the municipal park is host to tennis courts, a swimming pool, a recreation center, and more. 

Hiking Trails

Families visiting the Elkin area would be remiss were they not to take advantage of the many hiking trails available in Elkin. Hiking trails vary in intensity, but offer a wonderful family activity to all visitors to and residents of Elkin. 

Friendship Motor Speedway

Friendship Motor Speedway hosts approximately 80 drivers in the Spring and Summer months, and visitors can expect to enjoy racing and basic concessions. 

Antique Mall

Elkin’s antique mall truly takes the name to heart: the mall is housed in an historic gas station that is registered on North Carolina’s historic building registry. Visitors can find a host of items, from cars, to toys, to hand-crafted glass work and pottery

Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC

Supporting the Arts

Supporting the arts in Elkin, NC is quite an easy feat. With plenty of arts-based activities to enjoy, visitors to Elkin can expect an arts-heavy experience. 

Reeves Theatre and Cafe

The Reeves Theatre and Cafe is a staple in Elkin. Featuring a house band, a venue for visiting musicians, and a delicious cafe and bar, the Reeves Theatre is a must-visit for Elkin visitors and residents. 

Art Hikes

Elkin’s Foothills Art Council hosts art hikes every month, providing an outdoor event with a focus on visual art and musical artists. Art hikes fuse the love of the outdoors with the love of art and can be enjoyed by families, couples, and solo adults, alike. 

Reevestock Music Festival

Elkin’s Reevestock Music Festival is an annual event that raises money for scholarships for local students. The festival is conducted by a local band and the Foothills Art Council. 

Top Things to Do in Elkin, NC

Exploring Outdoors

A visit to Elkin–or a life spent in Elkin–is not complete without plenty of time spent exploring the great outdoors. Fortunately, Elkin offers plenty of outdoor events and activities

Rocky Forest River Run

Rocky Forest River Run offers kayaks, canoes, and tubes to take on the nearby river. Rocky Forest River Run provides a great way to enjoy all of the sights and beauty that Elkin has to offer. 

Carter Falls

Carter Falls is a series of small waterfalls that have only recently been made available for public visiting. The falls were opened to the public in 2018, and require only a small, half-mile hike. 

Visiting Elkin, NC

The dental team at ManiDental Family practice welcomes you to the Elkin, NC area. We hope you enjoy our town, and should you have any dental emergencies while you’re here, make sure you contact us! 

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