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If you’ve lost a full arch of teeth (top and/or bottom) or will have your remaining teeth removed soon due to them being unhealthy. You can consider replacing them with permanent dentures in Elkin, NC. These are fixed dentures supported by dental implants. Doctors and patients prefer the application of implant supported dentures to removable dentures because they:

  • Look, function, and feel like natural teeth
  • Don’t come off when you eat or talk
  • Prevent jaw bone loss
  • Durable for a lifetime
permanent dentures in Elkin, NC

How Implant Dentures Works

implant dentures in Elkin, NC

Dental implants perform the same function as the roots of natural teeth, anchoring the replacement teeth to your jawbone. Like natural tooth roots, fixed implants lie under the gumline and are not visible in the mouth. You or anyone else can only see the lifelike prosthetic teeth attached to them (the fixed denture). Because dental implants are composed of titanium, a metal that uniquely fuses into living bone, they are exceedingly stable and reliable.

The number of denture implants needed varies according to each person’s conditions. Depending on the density and volume of your jawbone, you’ll need a minimum of four implants and a maximum of six for your new teeth to function as a set of healthy, natural teeth.

What to Expect

The surgery needed to insert implant retained dentures is an easy, routine procedure carried out in our dental office in Elkin, NC with local anesthesia administered in most cases. (If you require the removal of failing teeth, it will be done first, mostly the same day your implants are fixed). After numbing the jaw area, the appropriate number of implants will be placed at accurately selected angles and positions in order to maximize support and avoid the sinuses and nerves structures. 

Depending on the number of implants required, the surgery may proceed from one to three hours. After the dental implants are placed, any post-operative discomfort can be treated with OTC anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

What happens after the surgery is dependent on the best possible way to promote healing in a personal situation. Sometimes a set of removable dentures will be attached immediately so that you can leave with new teeth. After a few months, your permanent denture will be installed. In other situations, the implants are left to heal for several months before attaching any teeth. Sometimes, this serves as the best way to ensure the implant fully integrates to your jawbone through a process known as osseointegration.

In either case, you’ll need to tread carefully with your newly placed implants during the healing phase following surgery. You will be advised to eat a softer diet and avoid hard-biting food until the implants fully fuse to your jawbone – about three months. 

While three months may seem long, be aware that those who wear removable dentures often avoid this food completely. The good news is that you will be able to eat whatever you want once your implant is fused to your jawbone and your permanent teeth are attached. You’ll even forget that you have an implant in your mouth.

The type of denture you require depends on your oral health, budget, and personal needs. At ManiDental Family Practice, we offer partial dentures, traditional dentures, and permanent dentures. Our team is always ready to help you achieve the best dental care and oral hygiene. We will review the pros and cons of each procedure.

Contact us for a permanent solution to tooth loss.

full dentures in Elkin, NC

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