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 Top 7 Foods That Weaken Your Teeth
Alt-text: Foods that weaken the teeth

It is said that what you eat can be seen in your teeth. This is because the food we consume affects our teeth positively or negatively. Many foods and beverages cause plaque build-up, which can seriously damage your teeth. 

You must take care of your oral health by avoiding or taking less of some foods that can harm your teeth. As stated by the American Dental Association, there is a relationship between a person’s mouth and overall health. Dental experts consider oral health issues a global problem; therefore, March 20th is marked as World Oral Health Day.

Aside from brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing, and regularly visiting your dentist, try to avoid or reduce the consumption of these seven foods listed below. 

1. White Bread and Refined Starchy Foods

White bread contains starch that is broken down into sugar when it is chewed. Now converted into a gummy paste-like substance, the breadsticks to the teeth crevices cause cavities. 

When you need to eat some carbs, go for less-refined varieties such as whole wheat. They contain reduced sugar and aren’t easily broken down.

2. Sour Candies

It is no news that candy is bad for your teeth. But sour candy contains more acid concentrations that are tougher on your teeth. Coupled with the fact that they are chewy, they stick to your teeth for an extended period and are most likely to cause decay. If you need to eat sweets, go for chocolates. You can quickly rinse them off after chewing.

3. Alcoholic Beverages

Many don’t understand that consuming alcohol or alcoholic beverages isn’t exactly healthy. When you take alcohol, you dry out your mouth, and a dry mouth lacks saliva, which is required to maintain healthy teeth.

Saliva helps wash away food particles and prevents food from sticking to your teeth. It helps repair early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections. To keep your mouth hydrated, drink more water and use oral hydration solutions and fluoride rinses. 

4. Fruit Juice and Fruit Pops

Fruits such as oranges, grapes, and lemons taste great as juices and are good sources of vitamin C. However, they contain citric acids that can erode your tooth enamel, making it prone to decay. 

Citrus acids can sometimes be bothersome to mouth sores. So if you want to get some vitamins and antioxidants from fruits, eat and drink them in moderation, especially at mealtimes, and rinse with water afterward.

5. Ice

All that is contained in ice is water, so do you think it’s right to chew it? Chewing on a hard substance can damage your enamel. This makes you susceptible to dental emergencies such as cracked, chipped, broken teeth or loosened crowns.

Instead of chewing ice, opt for cold water or drinks without ice. You can also use ice to chill beverages but resist the urge to chew on them.

6. Carbonated Drinks

Soda, sports drinks, and soft drinks affect your teeth in numerous ways. They serve as plaque catalysts by producing more acid, which damages the teeth’s enamel. Carbonated drinks, especially dark-colored sodas, often discolor or stain your teeth.

You must form the habit of drinking water instead of carbonated drinks. Also, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking a soda. Doing this could quicken the decay process in your teeth.

7. Potato Chips

Eating foods like potato chips can be satisfying to many individuals. Sadly they are filled with starch and harmful to our teeth. The starch in potato chips becomes sugar that sticks in and between our teeth. They are then fed on by bacteria, thus producing acids that damage our teeth.

Since we rarely take more than one bite, the acid tends to last longer in our teeth. The best way to prevent tooth decay after eating is to rinse our mouth thoroughly, and floss to remove the trapped particles. 

Bottom Line

Eating starchy foods, snacks, or drinks loaded with sugar weakens your teeth daily, and they are mostly the first cause of tooth decay and cavity build-up. Replace these foods with less acidic fruits and vegetables. Fibers are another essential food to consider for better oral health. 

Finally, always ensure you go for regular dental checkups.  Our dental team is readily available to provide you with the best preventative dentistry in Elkin, NC. Schedule an appointment today at ManiDental Family Practice.

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