Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Resorption: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments in Elkin, NC

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Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Resorption: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments in Elkin, NC
Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Resorption: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments in Elkin, NC

It is one thing to have a chipped or broken tooth, and it is another thing entirely to experience tooth resorption. The former is usually a result of physical actions or accidents, while the latter results from a pathological or physiological process. Tooth resorption might be similar to tooth decay, but there is much more to it.

As your go-to source for general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dental care in Elkin, NC, we want to teach you about what causes tooth resorption, its symptoms and types, and natural remedies to treat tooth resorption.

What Is Tooth Resorption?

Tooth or dental resorption is a common type of oral injury that causes the loss of parts of the tooth. Swellings usually accompany this loss in the gums and dark or pink spots on the teeth. Dental resorption can affect different parts of the teeth, including:

  • Cementum, which covers the root
  • Root
  • Interior pulp
  • Dentin, the second-hardest tissue beneath the enamel

Resorption usually starts from the outside of the tooth and then moves inwards. This condition can lead to infections and certain complications like tooth loss, crooked teeth, and other dental issues. If you are experiencing these issues, you shouldn’t hesitate to see our Elkin dentists, Dr. Nicole Manigualt, D.D.S., and Dr. Emily Maltba, D.M.D.

Symptoms of Dental Resorption

Symptoms of dental resorption are not always clear. You may not notice resorption for months or years, however, the symptoms become more visible as the condition worsens.

Some symptoms of tooth resorption include:

  • Redness and swelling of the gum
  • Brittle teeth that chip easily
  • Pink or dark discoloration
  • Cavity-like holes in teeth
  • Unusually teeth spacing
  • Pain stemming from the crown, root, or inside the tooth

Types of Tooth Resorption

There are two types of tooth resorption, depending on where the loss occurs. The types of resorption include:

Internal Tooth Resorption

This type of tooth resorption only affects the inside of the tooth. It is not a common type of resorption, and it mostly affects men. It usually occurs in people who have had extensive oral surgery. Many people are usually unaware that they have internal tooth resorption because it only affects tissues inside the teeth. It is most often detected with the use of x-rays.

External Tooth Resorption

This type of tooth resorption is more common than internal tooth resorption. It affects the outside tooth, ranging from the roots to the cementum. They usually look like chips and deep holes and are much more visible than internal tooth resorption. When the condition affects the root, it can be detected through x-rays.

What Causes Tooth Resorption?

Although the exact causes of resorption are not quite understood, several factors are associated with the causes of tooth resorption. Resorption is often a result of injuries to the teeth and mouth. These injuries are usually caused by prolonged use of orthodontic appliances, tooth bleaching, or tooth grinding. The swelling in the tooth is usually a result of an untreated cavity.

Tooth Resorption Treatment in Elkin, NC

Tooth Resorption Treatment in Elkin, NC

You should treat tooth resorption as soon as you notice its symptoms. Treating tooth resorption requires repairing the affected area of the tooth to prevent further damage. Your dentist can recommend the appropriate dental treatments to address tooth resorption.

At ManiDental Family Practice, we provide dental treatment for tooth resorption in Elkin, NC. Our dental team is experienced in treating dental conditions that include tooth resorption. We encourage you to contact us today to see how we can make your tooth resorption a permanent thing of the past!

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